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Does This Secret Network Really Control Your Physical Destiny?

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Most people are not aware of the secret network that controls our physical well-being. This network is the more than 300 million nerves that meet at the base of the skull. Health problems are due to physical, chemical or stress related causes. Most people understand how chemicals or stress can cause problems, but don’t understand how their problem could have a physical connection.

An example of a physical problem would be a pebble in a shoe. It caused your pain because it put pressure on a nerve. If you irritate a nerve of pain you feel pain. You can’t feel pain without an irritated nerve. Pain in your tooth, shoulder, back or anywhere always involves nerves.

Nerves do two things. They notify the brain of problems through pain and they control all your functions. Along with your brain, nerves control all the functions of your body. To function means to work. They control everything that works in your body. They control breathing, digestion, walking and your heart. They control your hormones. They allow you to taste, touch, see and hear.

If you put pressure on a nerve of pain, you feel pain. If you put pressure on a nerve of function, you don’t feel pain you just don’t function. If you put pressure on a nerve related to breathing, you don’t feel pain you just don’t breathe normally. Put pressure on a nerve that controls circulation, you lose circulation.

The first thing we do in our office with a person who has a problem is check to see if there is anything wrong with the related nerves. As a chiropractor I check the top of the neck because over 300 million nerves come out the base of the skull. If there is pressure there, it can cause any problem you might have. Another area I check is the area of the spine from where the nerves go to your problem area.

Your health problems could be caused from stress. This affects the adrenal glands. These glands secrete the major hormones related to numerous areas of health such as immunity, sleeping, weight, fatigue, blood pressure and women’s hormone levels, to name a few. These glands of stress are most harmed by caffeine, sugar and stress of any kind. These glands secrete hormones that might be related to your problem.

We will check the nerves that control your adrenal glands. Sometimes besides correcting the pressure on the nerves, we have to modify your diet or give you supplements to support and strengthen these glands.

Health problems can also be chemical in nature. Our food, water and air are full of toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals will affect your health. Your liver is the filter of the body and often cannot handle all the toxic chemicals in our environment. When the liver becomes unable to filter, the chemicals go back into the body and can contribute to the problems you have. Often a simple liver cleanse will get miraculous results.

All this explains why many people have gone to a wellness chiropractor for back pain and then recovered from a different problem all together.

Our purpose is to help people and we would like to have the opportunity to see if our methods could help you.

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