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Getting Rid of Digestive Problems with Chiropractic Care

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Now what does digestive health have to do with chiropractic care? That is a great question, and I am excited to hopefully shed some light on this interesting discovery. Please hang in there for a moment as I lay the foundation for the previous statement.

First realize that the only way our bodies survive is by what we put into them. Without food and water, our bodies will die. Now, depending on what we put into the body, good or bad, the body will give us the appropriate consequence at some point whether immediate or years from now.

Most likely if we put more bad things into the body than good things the body will mal-function. Most of the malfunction from poor dietary intake usually involves a deficiency of appropriate nutrients or toxicity from too many bad substances entering the body.

What is amazing is that the body has a superb compensating mechanism. If it needs certain nutrients then it will pull the nutrients from other parts of the body whether it is from muscle, bone or even from the organs. But at some point, the body is overtaken by toxicity and deficiency resulting in changes that may not be repairable. Cell structure starts to change, thus leaving the body no other option but to mutate and compensate in a bad way.

Good news! Chiropractors understand that good nutrition and decreasing toxicity can help to promote better health. Part of chiropractic care involves educating individuals on how to be healthier by eating better and removing the toxicities from the body.

As we put better things into the body, the body can start to reverse the damage and heal not only the digestive related issues but also the entire body’s health.

But wait! What if you already eat healthy and your body is not toxic, and you still suffer from a digestive related issue and/or other complications involving the digestive system? What then? How can chiropractic help that?

The above explanation of "you are what you eat" is widely known but not practiced well. But what I am going to explain now about digestive issues for the most part is unknown by even the greatest medical minds of today.

The nerves that exit out of your spine throughout your middle back (thoracic region) primarily supply all of the major organs of the digestive system. What this means is that the digestive organs are told what to do by those nerves. If those nerves do not send the right signal to the organ then the digestive organ will malfunction. If the organ malfunctions, then the body malfunctions as a result thus causing a variety of symptoms and diseases.

Some of the most common digestive issues and diseases that have been helped with chiropractic include but are not limited to these are indigestion, heartburn, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, bloating, colitis, etc.

If there is pressure on a digestive nerve, the digestive system cannot function correctly. By removing the pressure on that nerve, the digestive organ can now operate correctly thus allowing the body to function correctly. The symptoms then will go away and the disease process can start reversing.

This process sounds simple, and it can be very simple if the cause of your digestive trouble is related to this pressured nerve effect.

The above explanation is over-simplified and needs further discussion, but maybe enough has been said for you to at least consider the possibility of having the nerves in your back checked by a chiropractor to see if excess pressure exists.

In conclusion, the best digestive health possibilities usually involve great nutrition going in, toxicity being removed and a nervous system functioning optimally without added pressure on the digestive nerves.

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