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Relief vs. Corrective Care

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

There are two approaches to most problems in life. Either take the necessary steps to correct the problem or fix it temporarily. For example, a boat springs a leak. You can use a bucket and bail out the water or you can take the boat to the shop and have them fix the hole that is causing the boat to leak.

How about another example? Your home is very cold in the winter. You could just go and buy an electric heater or find out why the house is cold. After investigating, you find that the basement window is broken and letting in the cold air. To correct the problem you fix the broken window.

Relief care is the care necessary to relieve the symptom, not the care to correct the problem. It may appear less expensive, but in the long run it cost you a lot more money and time.

I have another example. If the alignment on the front end of your care is out, one of your tires will probably wear out faster than the other one. You could keep replacing the tire as it goes bald, but this is only relief care. In the short run, this might look like it saves time and money but it doesn’t. Now, correcting the problem might take a little longer and cost a little more now ,but in the long run you actually save a lot more and do a lot less collateral damage.

You have a broken gutter on your roof. Water spills onto your lawn every time it rains causing a hole. Every time this happens you fill up the hole with more dirt. In the short term this may same time and money but in the long term if you fix the gutter you save money and time.

In regards to your health the choice to receive temporary relief is important. Unlike a tire which you can easily buy and replace, you cannot replace organs and tissues that have failed to function. Without health you cannot enjoy life or work to your capacity. It is therefore recommended, whenever possible, to correct the cause of your problems.

You should make choices that would lead to long-term health and vitality. It is much harder to regain your health than maintain it once achieved. Therefore, you should maintain a lifestyle that promotes and maintains health for, in truth, your life depends on it.

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